The Brand

It's a New Man's World

our heritage

Goldlion was founded by businessman
Dr. the Hon. Tsang Hin Chi, G.B.M in 1968.

Since its inception, the brand has been
adhering to its mission of diligence and
integrity, to be people-oriented, customer centric
and to constantly pursue excellence.

Goldlion’s slogan,
It’s a New Man’s World”,
is deeply rooted and forms the benchmark
for men’s style. Classic, high quality and
high taste – is what Goldlion aims to
be for its customers.


The Tsang family translated their passion for fine menswear and leather goods into Goldlion’s brand DNA,
focusing on bringing elegant and timeless menswear style to the market. From being the first Hong Kong
menswear brand to enter the China market in 1984, to setting the ties trend in the 1980s and becoming
an internationally acclaimed brand in 2011, the progress over the years brought new inspirations
while never forgetting the brand’s commitment to quality and design.

More than just a symbol, the Goldlion calligraphy logo was a product of
founder Dr Tsang’s vibrant imagination in year 1971 and was personally handwritten by him.
With the growth of the brand over the years, the logo eventually became an icon in the industry.

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Made with the Asian man in mind

Made with the Asian man in mind, every detail and decision
are made to ensure our products are of unparalleled quality and fit.
Elegance and effortless style are key to Goldlion’s brand DNA.

Goldlion takes pride in a sense of appropriateness for all occasions, translating
classic dressing and decorum into contemporary designs for the modern man.
Whether you are looking for a formal business suit, casual dressdown options or
accessories for your every day needs, Goldlion has the options that are versatile
to suit your different styles. Staying on trend with the latest fabric technologies,
our apparels combine fabric performance and presentation, to bring our customers
the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Our leather

Goldlion has a rich history of crafting leather goods designed to fulfil every
and any function required by its customers. All leather used by Goldlion goes through
a strict selection process, and only leather with the best textures and shine are chosen.
Combined with the exemplary leather crafting skills of our craftsmen, our products
are made to the best quality, for long lasting use.

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